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This is Burak Emir and you are looking at my homepage. I have been passionate about programming languages ever since studying in Martin Odersky's group at EPFL. I live in Zurich, Switzerland with my wife and two daughters, and work at Google as Alchemist of Happiness.

I joined Google right after handing in my PhD thesis, and worked as engineer and manager on various systems and teams. Engineering is more than writing code, but the speed at which ideas from research permeate the industry is very slow. I wonder if the knowledge and experience could not be organized and made accessible in a better way.

about this site

I am interested in systems, languages, types, logic where one can bridge theory and practice. Occasionally I write things up. You could call it research, but outside any academic institution. This site is a place where I keep some notes.

The posts are a way to share the little I know on programming methods, programming language technology and related topics, like education or cybersecurity.

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email: first.last@gmail.com

mastodon: @burakemir@discuss.systems

twitter: @burakemir (dormant)